giovedì 18 luglio 2013

95 anni Mandela

Nelson Mandela compie oggi 95 anni. Di seguito alcune tappe della vita dell'uomo simbolo dell'anti-apartheid, attraverso l'occhio dei maestri della nota agenzia di fotogiornalismo Magnum Photos

South Africa. 1961. Nelson Mandela.© Ian Berry/Magnum Photos

Robben Island, near Cape Town.
Cell in which Nelson MANDELA spent 20 of the 27 years he spent in prison.
© Raymond Depardon/Magnum Photos

South Africa. Nelson MANDELA, soon to become President MANDELA, at the election night victory celebration in the Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg.Here he receives a hug from Mrs Chris HANNI, widow of ex MK leader Chris HANNI, assassinated before the election.1994. The MK is the military wing of the ANC.
© Ian Berry/Magnum Photos

Switzerland. Nelson MANDELA, President, South Africa. 1997.
© Peter Marlow/Magnum Photos

SOUTH AFRICA. Natal. Lamontville. Supporters climb to every vantage point whilst awaiting the arrival of Nelson MANDELA. 1994
© Ian Berry/Magnum Photos
Nelson MANDELA, President of South Africa.
© Richard Kalvar/Magnum Photos

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